HELLO, WE'RE FreshBike!

The eco-franchise with a high earnings potential! Be your own boss and earn on healthy and “green” trends. Join the successful Fresh Bike network. Contact us now to secure exclusivity for your location.

OUR Products

Our products are constructed from carefully chosen elements of the highest quality. We import the parts from around the globe to later assemble them with precision and dedication in our headquarters in Poland. The gastronomic workplaces are designed to be ergonomic and simple to use. For years we have been working on improving our products, hence they are now perfected to the finest detail.


In 2017 we decided to expand our offer with a new product. FreshBike Crepes is a mobile creperie in shape of a practical trailer that can be easily attached to any bike. Carefully designed workspace has all the components essential for fast preparation of delicious pancakes. The trailer features light structure and foldable sunshade, which guarantee its storage won’t pose a challenge. It’s a perfect micro-catering business for bike lovers!


FreshBike Lemonade is a bicycle integrated with a catering trailer fit for preparation and sale of lemonade. Ergonomics, satisfaction and ease of use are at the forefront of its design. Thanks to the PV panels mounted to the sunshade it’s powered with solar energy. For years we have been working on perfecting our products, eliminating all the flaws and malfunctions. The vehicle that we now offer is the 4th generation of FreshBike Lemonade – fully refined and ready for action!


Combining the strengths of two amazing gastronomy vehicles is a great idea for a year-long, profitable business. The wide range of offered products will satisfy the hunger and thirst of every consumer and will ensure the safety of stable income even in case of working in average location or in dubious weather. In the best locations, the set will allow you to maximize sales throughout the day. Two vehicles are so visible and act like a magnet on the passers-by. We’ve checked it!


As a franchisor, we strive to provide the best possible support to our clients. We offer a number of services that ensure the business is easy to maintain and your FreshBike vehicle becomes not only a source of income, but also satisfaction.

know how: deployment support and staff training

year-round event information, one-year warranty, technical support


technical and health&safety documentation

possibility of financing through leasing

who we are?

FreshBike is a start-up led by young, passionate and creative people.

Sparked by our love for bikes and concern about the environment, the idea for an eco food truck was born – one driven by the strength of our own muscles and powered with solar energy. We searched around the globe for the bicycle parts of the highest quality, combined those with  the most advanced PV panels and our original emission- free cooling system. That’s how the first FreshBike was created – fully mobile, stylish bike that also served as an independent retail business. Soon our bikes appeared on the streets of Poland and abroad, bringing relief from the heat by serving you delicious, healthy lemonade prepared on the spot by our mobile vendors. Fresh, organic, with no artificial flavours or preservatives.

contact us

A: Fresh-Bike Sp. z o.o.
Techno Park (Budynek A)
Przemysłowa 35A
84-200 Wejherowo

E: sales@freshbike.eu

T: +48 794 406 036